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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Astrud Steehouder

April 2019

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. Broadcast on 11 April 2019, this edition featured new and archive releases from Rainbow Grave, Zounds, The Caretaker, and more

Low Life
“The Pitts”
From Downer Edn
(Goner/Alter/Cool Death)

Dragon Welding
“Join The Dots”
From Dragon Welding
(A Turntable Friend)

Rainbow Grave
From No You
(God Unknown)

Minor Threat
“Stand Up”
From First Demo Tape

From Cool/Dub
(DB Recs)

From More Trouble Coming Every Day
(Rough Trade)

Big Stick
“California Dreamin'”
From Hoochi Koo Time
(Blast First)

“Light Mind”
From The Strife Of Love In A Dream

Caterina Barbieri
“Scratches On The Readable Surface”
From Patterns Of Consciousness

Carola Baer
“Save Me”
From The Story Of Valerie
(Concentric Circles)

DJ Armok
From Dungeon Rap: The Introduction
(Natural Sciences)

Laurie Spiegel
“Three Sonic Spaces I”
From Unseen Worlds
(Unseen Worlds)

The Caretaker
“Long Decline Is Over”
From Everywhere At The End Of Time
(History Always Favours The Winners)

Maryanne Amacher
“Living Sound, Patent Pending Music For Sound-Joined Rooms Series (Edit)”
From Various: OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948–1980)
(Ellipsis Arts)

Juarta Putra
“Pembukaan (Desa Ciguruwik, 5/6)”
From The Sacred Entertainment: Réak, Ceremonial Horse Trance Music From Priangan

Lo Kindre
From Chlorophytum
(12th Isle)

The Connection Machine
“The Primer's Mite”
From Painless
(Down Low Music)

From Acetabularia
(Dark Entries)

“Integriert Euch Nicht Featuring Silvia Kastel, Wilted Woman (Commercial Jump Up Mix)”
From Integriert Euch Nicht

Alvin Lucier
“Criss Cross”
From Criss Cross/Hanover
(Black Truffle)

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