The Wire


Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Chris Bohn

June 2018

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This edition was broadcast on 31 May and featured music by Tori Kudo, Tulegur, Der Technokrat, Beilkhan Haliakbar, and more

“Blue Sky, Grassland, Sheeps, Dogs”
From Wind, Grass, Sound

Tori Kudo
“Working Holiday”
From Licking Up The Dust

From The Secret Tapes Of Dr Mabuse
(Suezan Studio)

Der Technokrat
“Ruckzuck – Düsseldorf #3”
From Ruckzuck
(Suezan Studio)

Beilkhan Haliakbar
“Koktegi Serwen”
From Air Walk
(Modern Sky)

Beilkhan Haliakbar
“Kongerawle Kox”
From Air Walk
(Modern Sky)

Tong Yan
From The Love Letter Of South

MC Mango
“Many Rivers To Cross”
From Kono Machi
(Lost Masters Cassette)

Tea Rockers
“Transferred To Another Post"
From Fictions
(Modern Sky)

Mamer/Tatsuya Yoshida
“見山 六”
From Wild West Adventure
(Badhead/Modern Sky)

Laura Ortman
“Grey Matters”
From Grey Matters

MAI mai
“Dear Prudence”
From MAI mai Plays The Beatles Vol 2
(Zoomin’ Night)

Mona Mur & Miron Zownir
From Those Days Are Over

“A Poem”
From 6501
(Badhead/Modern Sky)

From 41–55

Guo Yongzhang
“Side B” (extract)
From Guo Yongzhang MC
(Old Heaven Books)


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