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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Chris Bohn

December 2018

The Wire's weekly broadcast on Resonance FM featuring tracks from The Wire contributor Steve Barker’s Chinese underground music archive, plus AGF, Gudrun Gut, Heather Leigh, Laura Ortman, and more

Gudrun Gut
“Boys Keep Swinging”
From Moment
(Monika Enterprise)

“RES-IST (For Dareen)”
From #PoemOnTrial

From #PoemOnTrial

Heather Leigh
“Days Without You”
From Throne
(Editions Mego)

Map 71
“Minimal Bridget”
From Void Axis
(Fourth Dimension)

“Son Of Noise”
From Sitar-Shaped Cock

ChoP Vol 1 (Zen Lu & Grzegorz Bojanek)
“Incurable Tradition”
From Over A Foul Line, Simple Questions
(We Play!)

Xiao He
“After Time”
From Noise Is Free/Mini Midi 2008
(Kwanyin/Sub Jam/Sugar Jar)

Li Jianhong
“Track 8”
From Bird

Alice Hui Sheng Chang
“It’s All About What’s Not There”
From Oral Works

The Top Floor Circus
“We Don’t Want You Understand Us”
From Lingling-Rd 93 Revisited, Timmy

Red Scarf
“Freak Show”
From They Know We Know They’re Lying
(Modern Sky)

Albedo Fantastica
“Culvert & Starry Night” (extract)
From Albedo Fantastica

Wojciech Kucharczyk
“Fire Discoveryvery”
From Uran Uran Original Picture Theatre Soundtrack

Gudrun Gut
From Moment
(Monika Enterprise)

Laura Ortman
“The Disremember Dancer”

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