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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Derek Walmsley

July 2017

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM, featuring 90 minutes of all new discs hitting The Wire office from the likes of Jon Collin, Maya Dunietz, Jürg Frey, Eva-Maria Houben, Jimmy Giuffre, and more. The show was first broadcast on 13 July

Jon Collin
“Part One”
From The Glorious Licking: Recorded Live In Prague, October 2016
(Singing Knives)

Jon Collin
“Blue Confessional”
From The Nature
(Early Music)

Stein Urheim
"Ustopia: Part One"
From Utopian Tales

Maya Dunietz & Tom White
“Everything Is Soaked”
From Summer Crash
(Singing Knives)

Jürg Frey
"Ephemeral Constructions (Excerpt)"
From Ephemeral Constructions
(Editions Wandelweiser)

Evan Parker/Mark Nauseef/Toma Gouband
“As The Wind”
From As The Wind

Jonáš Gruska
From Zuš

Eva-Maria Houben
"Sonatina No 1 (Excerpt)"
From Organ Sonatinas And Drones
(Editions Wandelweiser)

Maggi Payne
From Crystal

From Popp
(Random Noise Musick/Budde Music)

“Solitary Sun”
From Submerged Vessels And Other Stories

From Frühe Jahre
(Unseen Worlds)

"On The Bus In San Francisco"



"Barbapapa" (how it is exactly written) is the name of a children's book and anime series, written in the early 70s by french Annette Tison and American Taulus Taylor.


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