The Wire


Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Derek Walmsley

October 2017

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This edition took place on 5 October and featured a special guest mix by avant folk musician Mike Cooper


From Vieux Silence
(Ideologic Organ)

From The Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings

Nicola Ratti
From The Collection

Beatrice Dillon & Call Super
From Inkjet
(Hessle Audio)

From Tommy

“Buddha Geometry Mind Toy”
From Intellectual Reject Part 2
(Quantum Natives)

“Tail Lift”
From Tail Lift
(Hessle Audio)

Mike Cooper Mix

“Green Rose Hula”
From Sandii's Hawai'i

Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo
“Hotel Malabar Ground Floor… Triangle Circuit On The Sea-Forest…”
From Cochin Moon

Mike Cooper
“Pulau Ubin Railings”
(No label)

George Katzaros
Unknown track

Li Xiang-Lan
“Plum Blossom Remix”
From Shanghai Lounge Divas

Warren Burt
“The Sound Of The Shirt”
(No label)

Gabby Pahinui Band
“Haleiwa Hula”

Mike Cooper
“Platform 6 Bangkok”
(No label)

The Vanduras
“In The Dark”
From In The Dark
(Scratchy Fuzz)

Les Baxter
From African Jazz

Unknown artist
From The Sigh Of Silver Strings From Suvannabhumi: The Western Stringed Instruments Of Burma
(Little Axe)

Unknown Bollywood track

Mike Cooper
“Birds In A Room”
(No label)

Mike Cooper
“Blind Streets Musicians In Bangkok”
(No label)

Spontaneous Music Orchestra
“Sustained Piece (Vocal)”
From Search And Reflect

Spontaneous Music Orchestra
“Sustained Piece (Instrumental)”
From Search And Reflect


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