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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Derek Walmsley

April 2018

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This edition was originally broadcast on 19 April and featured tracks by Tsembla, David Grubbs, Sara Davachi, The Sperm, and more

From A Hole In The Landscape
(NNA Tapes)

David Grubbs & Taku Unami
“Constellation Of Sand”
From Failed Celestial Creatures
(Empty Editions)

Kemialliset Ystävät
From Siipi Empii

“Time Warp Usagi”
From Gentle Nightmare
(Quantum Natives)

“Snowning Doomdream”
From Gentle Nightmare
(Quantum Natives)

The Ivytree
“In The Black Air”
From Unburdened Light

Sarah Davachi
From Let Night Come Bells End The Day

“La Véritable Genèse”
From Vu Du Dôme
(Editions Gravats)

Cecil Taylor
“At Ornette Coleman Memorial Service 2015”

Felix Blume
“Maestro Walter's Brass Band: Mouri Jodi”
From Death In Haiti: Funeral Brands, Bands & Sounds From Port Au Prince

The Sperm
“Jazz Jazz”
From 50th Erection: Collected Works 1967–70

Steven Rutter
“Cracked Reality”
From BrainFog

“Sovereign Cities”
From Decades Tempest

Sugai Ken
From Tele-N-Tech-Da

Charlie Morrow
“Drums And Bugles”
From Toot! Too

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