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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Emily Bick

December 2017

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This show took place on 30 November 2017 and featured tracks by Anenon, Ka Baird, Wilted Woman, and more

Robert Rental & Glenn Wallis
“Track 2”
From Untitled
(Dark Entries)

From Tongue

Wilted Woman
“It's Easy”
From Home Listener
(Alien Jams)

Yasimune Morishige
From Ruten

Lawrence Lek & Seth Scott
“Welcome to Sim-Singapore”
From Geomancer OST

Nad Spiro
“My Electricity”
From Sirius Signals
(Farpoint Recordings)

Aksak Maboul
“Modern Lesson”
From Un Peu De L'Ame Des Bandits
(Crammed Discs)

Wei Zhongle
From The Operators
(Self Sabotage)

Man Jumping
From Jumpcut
(Man Jumping)

Yasuaki Shimizu
From Kakashi
(Palto Flats/WRWTFWW)

Hy Maya
“The Mysteries Of Time And Space”
From The Mysticism Of Sound & Cosmic Language
(Smog Veil)

Ka Baird
“You Are Myself”
From Sapropetic Pycnic
(Drag City)

Jun Fukamachi
“Urban Square”
From Nicole (86 Spring And Summer)

“Things I Did Today (featuring Annie Anxiety)”
From CoHgs
(Editions Mego)

Solid Space
“Tenth Planet”
From Space Museum
(Dark Entries)

John Maus
From Screen Memories

Marc Melià
“Synthomatic Love”
From Music For Prophet

Mizuki Koyama
From Tokyo Nights : Female J-Pop Boogie Funk 1981-1998
(Cultures Of Soul)

“Kimi Wa Monster featuring Matias Aguayo”

E Ruscha V
“Who Are You”
From Who Are You
(Beats In Space)



Great set - so many songs inspired searching out artists! Thanks

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