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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Gustave Evrard

February 2017

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM, this time hosted by Gustave Evrard. The show took place on 26 January

Joe Davidow
From Continuity

Michele Mercure
"The Intruder"
From Eye Chant
(Freedom Of Spend)

Air Cushion Finish
From Flink
(Lullabies For Insomniacs)

Pépé Bradock
From Baby Craddock

Jan Van den Broeke
"The Monkey House"
From 11000 Dreams

Gilles Aubry
"And Who Sees The Mystery" (excerpt)
From And Who Sees The Mystery

"Isasa Ha Vuelto"
From Heráclito
(La Castanya)

Stéphanie Merchak
"Espaces Et Ombres"
From Self-identified Non-Male Artists Making Experimental Electronic Music
(Hyle Tapes)

"Open Wheel"
From Physically Sick
(Allergy Season)

"Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disco"
From Ausland
(Bureau B)

The Analog Roland Orchestra
"Floor Dreamers"
From 303 And Chill EP
(Step Recordings)

From Phew

"Shahara-Ja - I'm An Arabian Knight"
From I’m An Arabian Knight
(Left Ear)

From Planet Bangs
(Alien Jams)

Tor Lundvall
"Glowing Lanterns"
From Insect Wings Vol 2 Matter & Broken Twigs – Early Ambient Recordings: 1991–1994 Volume 2
"Secret Show"
From Selected Tracks For Nacht Dämonen
(Alien Transistor)

"Gentle Friend"
From La Differencia
(Music From Memory)

General Echo
"Love At First Sight"
From Tribute To General Echo
(Mandingo Hot Steppers)


Really enjoyed the flow of this mix, from gentle atmosphere through to techno and back down again. Also some great finds for me such as pépé broddack, gilles aubry and pyrolator!

Thanks a lot.

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