The Wire


Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Gustave Evrard

January 2018

Another edition of The Wire's weekly slot on Resonance FM. This show took place on 18 February and featured tracks by Lawrence Le Doux, Jonáš Gruska, Robert Wyatt and more

Milan W.
From Jj Funhouse Christmas Compilation Vol. 2 'I Wonder As I Wander'
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
“Aestas Anatis 2016”
From August 53rd
MJ Lallo
“Aquarius Blue”
From Star Child Going Home
Michel Banabila
Spider, Spit And Broken Bells”
From Just Above The Surface
Svitlana Nianio
“Episode 6”
From Lisova Kolekciya

“La Fura Dels Baus”
From La Contra Ola
Higher Intelligence Agency
From Colourform
“Aoi Tori (Dai Go Maku)”
From Les Anges, Les Bonheurs

“Medzang Me Biang (Gabon)”
From The Photographs Of Charles Duvelle
“Creature Feature”
From First Rehearsal Tapes
Jonáš Gruska
From Spevy

Lawrence Le Doux
“Digital Butterfly”

Kuniyuki Takahashi
From Early Tape Works
Philippe Vandal
“Anthologie De Tes Sourires”
From Hétérotope
Konstrukt & Keiji Haino
“All Things Will Be Reduced To Equal”
From A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire
Robert Wyatt
“Las Vegas Tango (Part I)”
From The End Of An Ear
Ariel Kalma
“Sister Echo”
From An Evolutionary Music

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