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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Joseph Stannard

January 2017

Joseph Stannard hosts The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM, playing tracks by Run The Jewels, Nah, Steve Moore, Run DMC, Kiko Hitomi and others. It was first broadcast on 12 January 2017

From Time Will Bend Into Horror

Run The Jewels
“A Report To The Shareholders/Kill Your Masters”
From Run The Jewels 3
(Run The Jewels Inc)

King Kashmere & Bambooman
From Supergod

From Michael

Steve Moore
From The Mind’s Eye OST

“Wake Up”
From Run DMC
(Get On Down)

Graeme Miller & Steve Shill
“Comet Shadow”
From The Moomins
(Finders Keepers)

Strange U
“Mr Kill”
From #LP4080
(High Focus)

Marlon Cherry
“Life After Theatre II”
From Life After Theatre/Pete
(OSR Tapes)

Norvis Junior
From Neon Chairs

Boobs Of Doom
“You Had Me At C'thulhu”
From Revenge Yourself

Quelle Chris
“Great To Be”
From Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often
(Mello Music Group)

Infinito 2017
“Great Mortality With Rat Fleas”
From Its No Such Thing As A Good Colonial Oppressor
(Joe Left Hand)

Ezekiel Honig
“Transient Economics”
From A Passage Of Concrete

Kiko Hitomi
“Tonight Part 2”
From Noinonoinonoino

Stan Ridgway & Piextra Wexstun
“Blue Oceans At Dusk”
From Princess Of The Promised Land

Audio Two
“Top Billin’”
From Bleed For This OST

Kill Alters
From No Self Helps

Moor Mother
From Manufacture Of Indigo

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