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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Meg Woof

September 2018

The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This edition took place on 13 September and featured tracks by Agnarkea, Blod, Ecco2k, Guttersnipe, Lotic, Maxine Funke, and more

Ipek Gorgun
From Ecce Homo

James Ferraro
“Gulf Gutters”
From Four Pieces For Mirai

Yves Tumor featuring James K
“Licking An Orchid”
From Safe In The Hands Of Love

Gazelle Twin
From Pastoral
(Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)

Gazelle Twin
“Better In My Day”
From Pastoral
(Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)

“Pipa Pipa Portalspawn”
From My Mother The Vent
(Upset The Rhythm)

From Below The Radar 28
(The Wire)

From Entity Dialogue

From Black Helicopters
(Natural Sciences)

From Power

“7th Crush (1st Kiss)”
From NON Worldwide Compilation Trilogy Volume 2
(NON Worldwide)

From Genome 6.66Mbp Compilation Volume 1
(Genome 6.66Mbp)

John T Gast
“Jettison II”
From BTEC Version #2
(No label)

Sebastian Gandera
“And Then The Wind”
From Le Raccourci
(Efficient Space)

From Knutna Nävar
(Förlag För Fri Musik)

Maxine Funke
“Rolling Boil”
From Lace

Jocy De Oliveira
“Wave Song”
From Estorias

Sebastian Gandera
“N'Ecrire Que Du Vent”
From Le Raccourci
(Efficient Space)

Duke Ellington
“Mood Indigo”
From Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins

Shuggie Otis
From Inspiration Information

“Death Reel”
From The Xyoto Reels

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