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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Meg Woof

March 2019

Another edition of The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This broadcast took place on 28 February and featured music by Joe McPhee, Morton Feldman, Mark Hollis, Martina Lussi, and more

Joe McPhee
“Old Eyes”
From Old Eyes
(Hat Hut)

Joe McPhee Po Music
“Astral Spirits”
From Oleo

Angel Bat Dawid
From The Oracle
(International Anthem)

John Surman
“Part III Kentish Hunting (Lady Margaret's Air)”
From The Amazing Adventures Of Simon Simon

“Domestic Saga #2 (All Is Lost)”
From Lighthouse
(5 Gate Temple)

Martina Lussi
“Expectation Or Obsession”
From Diffusion As A Force

Morton Feldman
“The Viola In My Life III”
From The Viola In My Life / False Relationships
(Composers Recordings Inc)

Mark Hollis
“A Life (1895 - 1915)”
From Mark Hollis

John Tchicai
From John Tchicai With Strings

Brannten Schnüre
“Wie Ein Stein, Der Glas Zerbricht”
From Erinnerungen An Gesichter
(Low Company)

Carola Baer
“Maker Of Me”
From The Story Of Valerie
(Concentric Circles)

“Sarrina Selebros 1947”
From Minecxio Emanations 1993–2018
(Pica Disk)

From Tomo
(Hakuna Kulala)

Auspicious Family
“Hundrum Misfit”
From Gruff Sequences For Dancefloor

Mutant Joe
From Saint

“Danger Set In”
From Barb + James 4ever

MC Yallah
“Debmaster - Ndi Mukazi (Debmaster Instrumental)”
From Ndi Mukazi
(Hakuna Kulala)

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Keep it up meg with this great tracklists.
Love from italy

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