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Adventures In Sound And Music hosted by Phil England

January 2018

Listen back to another edition of The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM. This programme was broadcast on 11 January and featured music by Shirley Collins, Shabaka Hutchings, Nguyen Hong Giang, and more

Stewart Lee & Capri-Batterie
“Crash-Helmet DJ”
From Bristol Fashion

Richard Youngs
From Belief
(O Genesis)

Greg Saunier/Mary Halvorson/Ron Miles
From New American Songbooks, Volume 1
(Sound American)

Nguyen Hong Giang
“Bittersweet G”
From Cuc Chơi

“Offset Negative 27”
From Stillborn Etudes
(Dub Temple)

Meridian Brothers
“Háblame Amigo, Citadino”
From ¿Dónde Estás María?

Ceramic Hobs
“Total Disarmament By June 1st 1983”
From Psychiatric Underground
(Pumf Records And Tapes)

Mun Sing
From Witness
(Infinite Machine)

From DJ Kitoko Vol 2

David Lee Myers
“Growth Cones”
From Ether Music

Shabaka Hutchings
“Black Skins Black Masks”
From We Out Here

“Stay, Go (Go, Stay)”
From L’Rain
(Astro Nautico)

Horton Barker
“Rich Irish Lady”
From The Ballad Of Shirley Collins OST
(Earth Recordings)

Shirley Collins
“Wondrous Love”
From The Ballad Of Shirley Collins OST
(Earth Recordings)

Meadow House
“Cubism Is Dead”
From Misadventures On The Scorn Cycle
(Public House)

Bill Orcutt/Harry Pussy
“Nazi USA”
From Why Four Strings?

Bill Orcutt
“The World Without Me”
From Bill Orcutt


Ceramic Hobs...great guys. I remember reading an interview with them (Muckraker magazine maybe?) after 9/11,and they were laughing about it, calling each other and telling each other to turn on the tv, and finding the whole event to be generally hilarious. Yeah, what's not hilarious about almost 3000 innocent people being killed?

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