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Adventures In Sound And Music: Inauguration Day special hosted by Meg Woof

January 2017

Meg Woof hosts The Wire's show on Resonance FM with a selection of old and new tracks to mark Inauguration Day

The Honeydrippers
“Impeach The President”
From Impeach The President/Roy C's Theme

Camberwell Now
From The Ghost Trade
(Modern Classics)

Andrea Daltro
From Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978–1992
(Music From Memory)

Anna Homler & Steve Moshier
“Gu She' Na' Di”
From Breadwoman & Other Tales
(Rvng Intl)

The Residents
“Horrors Of The Night”
From The Ghost Of Hope
(Cherry Red)

Flux Of Pink Indians
“Background Of Malfunction”
From Neu Smell

Rudimentary Peni
From Farce

From Anxiety
(La Vida Es Un Mus)

Giant Swan
Forthcoming on Below The Radar Volume 25
(The Wire)

Julia Reidy
From Dawning On

Norberto Lobo
From Muxama

“Chuwangk Kyuh Hay”
From Paradon't Thrd Mpct

The Other People Place
“Let Me Be Me”
From Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café

The Fall
“The NWRA”
From Grotesque
(Rough Trade)

Rufige Cru
“Ghosts Of My Life”
From Ghosts



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