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Adventures In Sound And Music Wire 400 Special hosted by Joseph Stannard

July 2017

For his Wire 400 special, deputy editor Joseph Stannard delved deep into the first edition of the magazine he bought, issue 127. The show was first broadcast on 29 June and includes tracks by Goldie, Massive Attack, Stereolab and more

From Timeless

"Second Verse"
From Poem About The Hero

Strange Parcels
From Disconnection
(On U Sound)

Mercury Rev
"Everlasting Arm"
From the Everlasting Arm EP

Warren G
"Do You See"
From Regulate… G Funk Era
(Violator/Def Jam)

"Transporte Sans Bouger"
From Mars Audiac Quintet

From the Nothing/Nothingness 12"
(No label)

American Music Club
"Love Doesn't Belong To Anyone"
From San Francisco

4 Hero
From Parallel Universe

From Come

Massive Attack
"Weather Storm"
From Protection

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
"Safeway Cart"
From Sleeps With Angels

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