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Adventures In Sound And Music Wire 400 Special hosted by Chris Bohn

July 2017

The last in our Wire 400 series on Resonance FM. Chris Bohn presents The Ones That Got Away, focusing on underheard or undervalued music that slipped through the net

“Roboter In Der Nacht”
From Breaking News: 40 Hits Von Anfang Bis Heute
(Weird System)

From Eilzustellung-Exprès
(David Volksmund Produktion)

Picsa (URH)
“Bon Bon Si Bon Bon”

Európa Kiadó
“Megalázó, Durva Szerelem”
From Jó Lesz… 84
(Bahia Music)

Agnes Kamondy
“Jó Lesz”
From Dalok Kozep-Nirvaniabol
(Bahia Music)

Eric Dolphy
“Jim Crow”
From Other Aspects
(Blue Note)

Raven Chacon
From Black Streaked Hum

Mesa Ritual
“Procession II”
From Mesa Ritual

Death Convention Singers (formerly Cobra//Group)
“Midnight Quinceañera”
From Brujas

“I Pray For Your Return Like I Pray For Ash To Become Snow”
From We Lost Half The Forest And The Rest Will Burn This Summer

Raven Chacon
From Overheard Songs

“In The Summer Of 2006, Li Made A Dream About A Lopan And A UFO”
From Lo Pan

“Magneticism Begin”
From Guernica 30th Anniversary

Joji Yuasa & Hisao Kanze
“Snow Falls Part 1”
From Music For Theatrical Drama Extra
(Edition Omega Point)

“Tomorrow Never Knows”
From Sława EP

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