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Adventures In Sound And Music 2 August 2012

August 2012

Modular synths and more with guest John Macedo, hosted by Frances Morgan.

Tod Dockstader
“Apocalypse – Part Four”

from Apocalypse

John Chantler
“Live At Goldsmiths Analogue Evening”


Tom Hamilton
“Formal And Informal Music”

from Formal And Informal Music LP

Cloudland Canyon & Lichens
“Babylon (excerpt)”

from Exterminating Angels
(Holy Mountain)

Phil Julian
“Live At Goldsmiths Analogue Evening”


Florian Hecker
“Acid In The Style Of David Tudor – Part 1”

from Acid In The Style Of David Tudor
(Editions Mego)

Some Truths
“Tropical The Island Breeze…”

from Achterhaven 148

Alvin Lucier
“North American Time Capsule”

from Extended Voices, Music Of Our Time

“Atavism 14”

from Atavism

Keith Fullerton Whitman
“Occlusion (Rue de Bitche)“

from Occlusions
(Editions Mego)

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