The Wire


Adventures In Sound And Music 5 September 2013

September 2013

The show returns to the airwaves following Resonance FM's summer hiatus with new music brought to you by the team behind The Wire magazine. Presented by Frances Morgan.

Henry Flynt
“A Portrait”
from Graduation
(Superior Viaduct)

Mike Gangloff
“Queen Of The Earth, Child Of The Skies”
from Poplar Hollow
(Klang/Blackest Rainbow)

Elizabeth Cotten
“Live At The Euphoria Tavern, 1975”
from KBOO Presents Elizabeth Cotten/Marisa Anderson

Tetuzi Akiyama/Tom Carter/Christian Keifer
“The Lady In Lace”
from Darkened Mirror

Jenks Miller
“Through The Fog”
from Spirit Signal
(Northern Spy)

Sean McCann
“Introduction - Reservations, An Exchange Of Courtesies Parts 1 & 2”
from Music for Private Ensemble

Embla Quickbeam
“The Crystal Sea”
from The Outer Church
(Front & Follow)

Gloria Coates
“String Quartet No 5, Movement 1: Through Time”
from Gloria Coates: The String Quartets (Kreutzer Quartet)

Gloria Coates
“The Silver Eyed Soul”
from At Midnight

Christina Carter
from Texas Modern Exorcism
(Many Breaths)

Robin Williamson
“The Four Points Are Thus Beheld”
from Selected Signs VIII

Robbie Basho
“Night Way”
from Visions Of The Country
(Gnome Life)