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Rewired 5 February 2015

February 2015

Listen again to tracks by John Carpenter, Aphex Twin, Lotic, DJ Bone and more on this edition of our NTS radio show

Big Boss Man
"Blow Your Own (Remix)"
from Changing Faces
(Blow Up)

Nigel Wrench
“Why Do The White People Just Shoot Us?”
from ZA86

Ronnie Davis
"Warning Dub"
from Make Haste/Warning Dub

from Vulnicura
(One Little Indian)

Pev & Kowton
"Low Strobe"
from Signal 3/Low Strobe
(Livity Sound)

Martyn feat Spaceape
“Is This Insanity”
from Is This Insanity EP

Run Dust
"Saddle Maker"
from Serf Rash
(In Paradisum)

Cecil McBee
Tulsa Black
from Mutima
(Strata East)

DJ Bone
"Cultural Variance"
from Cultural Variance

from Heterocetera
(Tri Angle)

John Carpenter
"Fallen (Bill Kouligas Remix)"
from Lost Themes
(Sacred Bones)

James Place
“High Rise (Rainer)”
from Living On Superstition
(Umor Rex)

Aphex Twin
"diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13"
from Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

“Ravers Are Still Living”
from 1925

Dub Syndicate
"Love Is Coming (Dub)"
from Hard Food
(Echo Beach)

Meicio Askanasy, José Prates, Ivan De Paula
“Maracatú Elegante”
from Tam… Tam… Tam…!
(Trunk Records)

from Skates
(Sphere Gear)

BNJMN & Best Available Technology
from De/Reconstructions

L'estasi Dell'oro
"I Know I Know"
from I Look Upon Nature While I Live In A Steel City

Richard Marks
“I'm The Man For You”
from I'm The Man For You/You Ain't No Good
(Now-Again Records)

Lawrence English
“The Liquid Casket”
from Wilderness Of Mirrors

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