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Rewired 6 November 2014

November 2014

Listen to last week's show on NTS Radio, hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman. Tracks by Aphex Twin, RAP/RAP/RAP, Nehuen, Laura Cannell, Klara Lewis, Richard Dawson and others

Aphex Twin
"produk 29 [101]"
from Syro

"Euro California"
from Matisse Graveyard
(AVNL Records)

"Jam2 (El Gaucho Mix)"
from Hidden Traxx EP

Laura Cannell
"The Drowned Sacristan"
from Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth
(Brawl Records)

Klara Lewis
"Msuic 1"
from Msuic EP
(Peder Mannerfelt Production)

Richard Dawson
"Nothing Important"
from Nothing Important
(Weird Worlds)

"Devil Inside (JStar Dub)"
from Devil Inside
(BBE Music)

"Concord" (Banshee Remix)
from Into Mist EP

B£AMS featuring Hello Skinny
from Unforthcoming Self
(Sonic Router)

Dean Blunt
from Black Metal
(Rough Trade)

Little Sister
"You're The One (Early Version)"
from I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969–1970
(Light In The Attic)

Strange U
"Strange Ones"
from #2040 EP
(Boot Records)

"Spectrum 3"
from Spectrum
(Styles Upon Styles)

Henry Plotnick
from Qualia
(Blue Tapes)

from Hieronymus Presents Space Coast

Lawrence English & Stephen Vitiello
"A Chime for the Fable"
from Fable
(Dragon Eye Recordings)

Nadia Spier vs Nad Spiro
"Tunnel Records"
from Extensions Of You (Vol.1)

Kelly Rowland
"Dirty Laundry" (Rabit rework)
from Glacial Vs Misnomer
(Glacial Sounds)

Lorrie Collins
"Another Man Done Gone"
from Slow Grind Fever (Volumes 1&2)

Mike Dehnert
"Orage De Chaleur"
from Switch Back To City EP

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