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Sublime Frequencies mix

Download an exclusive Sublime Frequencies mix

Listen to the exclusive mix Hisham Mayet of Sublime Frequencies made recently for The Wire's Adventures In Modern Music on Resonance FM.

The Playlist:
1. The Big Bamboo - Mighty Panther
2. Rookoombey - Black Czar
3. Down The Road - The Tiger
4. Jamaica Mermaid - The Wigglers
5. Uncle Jo' Gimme Mo' - Wilmoth Houdini
6. The Gold In Africa - The Tiger
7. Love Alone - Lord Flea
8. Black But Sweet - Wilmoth Houdini
9. My Trip To Seville - Black Czar
10. Zingue Talala - Atilla The Hun
11. Speaking In Tongues - Cult Music Of Trinidad

Sublime Frequencies are currently on tour. Details here

You can listen to an archive of our shows here

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