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Adventures In Sound And Music Wire 400 special: Ilia Rogatchevski talks to Chris Bohn and Tony Herrington

May 2017

This edition of The Wire's weekly show on Resonance FM was the first in a series of special shows marking the publication of the magazine's 400th issue. It was broadcast on 11 May and features two of The Wire's co-owners, Editor-in-Chief Chris Bohn and Publisher Tony Herrington, talking to Ilia Rogatchevski about some of the philosophies that have underpinned their combined 45 years on the magazine's staff. In between the talking, they also played a few pieces of music...

Steve Lacy
“The Wire”
From Scratching The Seventies

The Mad
“I Hate Music”

Diamanda Galás
From At St Thomas The Apostle Harlem
(Intravenal Sound Operations)

Nicole Mitchell
From Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds

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