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The Wire Tapper 04

Free with The Wire August 1999 issue 186

No Download Available

Due to licensing restrictions The Wire Tapper 04 is not available for digital download, only as a CD.

1. FX Randomiz : "Displatz"
(exclusive remix from the forthcoming Sonig EP Stack)

2. Pierre Bastien : "Odovinil"
(from the Lowlands CD Musiques Paralloudres)

3. snd : "02"
(from the Mille Plateaux CD Makesnd Cassette)

4. Pan American & BJ Cole : "Untitled"
(unreleased - recorded live at London Union Chapel, May 1999)

5. Vandermark 5 : "Vent (For Glenn Spearman)"
(from the Atavistic CD Simpatico)

6. SS + D : "Elements Of"
(exclusive mix from individual forthcoming Soul Static Sound releases)

7. Alog : "Drifting West"
(from the forthcoming Rune Grammofon CD Red Shift Swing)

8. Powerfield : "Steady State"
(from the Paratactile CD Electronic, Electric, Electronic)

9. Low Res : "Minty"
(from the Plug Research CD Approximate Love Boat)

10. Chief Baonoko And His Budu Men : "Yando"
(from the SWP/Hugh Tracey CD On The Edge Of The Ituri Forest, North Eastern Congo 1952)

11. Clive Graham : "One End Of The Time Pad"
(from the forthcoming Paradigm Discs compilation Variations 3)

12. Do Make Say Think : "Dr Hooch"
(edit from the forthcoming Constellation CD Do Make Say Think)

13. Warn Defever : "Train"
(from the Lo Recordings CD I Want You To Live 100 Years)

14. Signal : Ondulop"
(from the forthcoming Noton CD Statik Series No 2)

15. Klangstabil : "Pronto Luigi"
(from the forthcoming Plate Lunch CD Gioco Bambino)

16. Unit : "Ring*worm"
(from the forthcoming Caipirinha CD The Narcoleptic Symphony)

17. Daniel Figgis : "Alison Creaking"
(alternative version of track from the forthcoming Black Burst CD Skipper)