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The Wire Tapper 20

Issue 296

Credit: Yokoland

Free with The Wire October 2008 issue 296

No Download Available

Due to licensing restrictions The Wire Tapper 20 is not available for digital download, only as a CD. The CD came with The Wire 296.

01 Zavoloka Inhale
From Viter (Kvitnu)
Zavoloka's compositions channel the ancient and folk cultures of her native Ukraine through digital filters. A prolific graphic designer, she runs her own Kvitnu label and has collaborated with fellow Ukrainian Kotra, Mark Clifford (Seefeel/Disjecta), AGF and visual artist Laetitia Morais.

02 Crackle Heavy Water
From Heavy Water (Slowfoot)
Crackle is a duo featuring bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas (ex-Pinski Zoo) and drummer/producer Frank Byng of London post-rock group Snorkel. Through a series of studio experiments and improvisations, the duo voyage into the cracks between dub, electronica, future-past global sounds and free jazz imaginings.

03 Formication The Mountains Are Machines
From Ghosts (Omnia Exeunt In Mysterium) (Harmful Records)
Kingsley Ravenscroft & Alec Bowman got together three years ago and in that time have amassed a lengthy back catalogue of organic soundscapes. Ghosts…, their fifth album to date, is a crackling electrical storm of an affair recorded earlier this year at the foot of the Helvellyn mountain in the Lake District.

04 Paavoharju Pimeänkarkelo
From Laulu Laakson Kukista (Fonal)
The Paavoharju collective comes from Savonlinna, Finland, and was formed when brothers Lauri and Olli Ainala met Emmi Uimonen, Jenni Koivistoinen and various other collaborators. Their music is the outcome of long, intense studies of art and literature, dreams, religious despair and contemplating life in dark, abandoned places.

05 oRSo Warm Up
From Ask Your Neighbor (Contraphonic)
oRSo is a solo project by Phil Spirito, former member of Rex and a contributor to Doug Scharin's groups HiM and Loftus. Spirito's hypnotic mix of tenor banjos, soft organs, muted brass and calm harmonies are in full force on Ask Your Neighbor, his latest release for Contraphonic.

06 A_dontigny Tatline
From Geisteswissenschaften (No Type)
Composer Aimé Dontigny is a founder of the free noise collective Napalm Jazz and of the duo morceaux_de_machines with Érick d'Orion. His works are filled with subtle quotes and references in a reflection on the history of music. His latest album is intended as “a celebration of independence of spirit and human intelligence”, and the cello on this track is by American electroacoustician Paul Dolden.

07 Richard J Valeo Monday Night
From Days (IO)
Since 2001, Brooklyn's Richard J Valeo has worked up his rhythmic fragmentary Techno under a variety of aliases including Transelectronic Theory, Isomer Transition and plain old RJ Valeo. Following his recent September album on Type Records, Days appears on his own imprint IO.

08 rarescale Apparition And Release (Wire Tapper exclusive edit)
From Apparition And Release (rarescale)
Carla Rees (quarter tone alto flute) and Michael Oliva (electronics) formed rarescale in 2003 to promote the alto flute and its repertoire. The group performs regularly throughout the UK and USA and works with composers to generate new repertoire as well as improvising using live instruments and Wii remote controls. Following their recent fifth anniversary concert in East London, they appear at the Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington DC in October.

09 Mike Osborne Pure (Wire Tapper exclusive)
The late Mike Osborne, who died in September 2007, was the most emotionally extroverted British alto sax player of the 60s and 70s, and this recording of his Quartet is a stunning example of his prowess. “Pure”, which features Jeff Green (guitar), Tim Faroes (bass) and Peter Nykyruj (drums), augments Reel Recordings' release of Osborne's 1978 recording Force Of Nature, with further archival material forthcoming.

10 Random Touch Tripping So Fancy
From A Box And A Word (Token Boy)
Random Touch founders Christopher Brown (drums) and James Day (keyboards) have a synergistic relationship stretching back to their schooldays. They first collaborated with Scott Hamill (guitar) in 1978 and Matthew Ebbin (camera) in 1998. In pursuit of musical bliss they have become pure improvisors, presenting music entirely free of planning in their public and studio performances.

11 Punck Piallassa (red desert chronicles) (Wire Tapper edit)
From Piallassa (red desert chronicles) (Boring Machines)
Sound artist, field recordist, photographer and lo-fi video maker Adriano Zanni uses the pseudonym Punck for his experimental music project. Zanni was born at the same time and place where Michelangelo Antonioni filmed The Red Desert in 1964, and Piallassa (red desert chronicles) is an investigation of sounds from the film's locations.

12 Grails Reincarnation Blues
From Doomsdayer's Holiday (Temporary Residence)
Written and recorded over the last 18 months, Doomsdayer's Holiday is Grails' darkest, heaviest record yet, merging smoky psychedelia and mountain-ascending riffs with 70s European film noir moods and cosmic free jazz explorations. With Faust, Earth and Sunn0))) collaborators acting as engineers – not to mention drummer Emil Amos having recently become the new other half of OM – Grails' avant Metal leanings are fully in evidence.

13 micronormous Rainland
From a forthcoming release (Warm Circuit)
micronormous is the alias of Matt Eaton of Birmingham group Pram. In 2005 he presented a live soundtrack to the film The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari under that name. Further live soundtracks have led to the formation of the micronormous live group and a series of recordings and remixes. On the group's forthcoming album on Warm Circuit, fragments of old jazz, damaged tape and 78s are dredged from the past and reimagined as mysterious soundtracks.

14 Pantaleimon At Dawn (Vogel) (Andrew WK remix)
From Heart Of The Sun (Durtro Jnana/Southern)
Pantaleimon is the musical alias of English singer Andria Degens, originally from Caterham, Surrey. A life-changing two year trip around the world moved Degens to become a music maker. She has already released two records in three years, most recently 2007's Mercy Oceans, alongside a clutch of other EPs, 7"s and compilation appearances. Heart Of The Sun features input from Andrew WK, Stephen O'Malley, Fovea Hex and CarterTutti.

15 Lothar Ohlmeier/Isambard Khroustaliov Scratch (edit)
Edited from Various: An Anthology Of Not Applicable (Not Applicable)
Isambard Khroustaliov (aka Sam Britton of electronic duo Icarus) and bass clarinet player Lothar Ohlmeier have been working together since 2005, exploring the landscape proposed by combining improvisation and electronics and performing at improvised music meetings, jazz and experimental music festivals all over Europe. Their first record, Nowhere, was released on Not Applicable in 2008.

16 Tertium Quid Early Disturbance (Wire Tapper exclusive edit)
Live unreleased unedited recording from Gravelvoice sessions
Formed in Seattle in 2007, Tertium Quid is an Improv collaboration between Daniel Burke (electronics/guitar), Bill Horist (guitar/devices) and Dave Abramson (drums/percussion). In early 2008 they reconvened at Seattle's Gravelvoice studios to record with engineer Scott Colburn. Their intention is to explore the boundaries of improvisation and ambience. Since 1983, Burke has released over 20 CDs as Illusion Of Safety while Horist has appeared on over 40 recordings, including collaborations with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, KK Null and Chris Cutler. Dave Abramson is currently involved with Diminished Men and Master Musicians Of Bukkake and has collaborated with The Boredoms and Climax Golden Twins.

17 MoHa! Too Smart Enough To Think
From One-Way Ticket To Candyland (Rune Grammofon)
Still only in their mid-twenties, Anders Hana (guitar, keyboard, drum machine) and Morten J Olsen (drums, Supercollider 3) have previously released two albums of electronic Improv mayhem on Rune Grammofon. Their new album introduces a slightly more structured approach, as heard on a recent 7" release. Anders is also a member of Noxagt, and both are to be found in Frode Gjerstad´s global free jazz big band Circulatione Totale Orchestra.

18 Anthony Kelly & David Stalling Ghost Signal 2 (Wire remix)
From Two Places exhibition, Belfast and Limerick, 2008
Audio-visual collaborators Anthony Kelly (Ireland) and David Stalling (Germany) have made numerous sonic and visual installations over the past five years. Their soundwork has also been released on CD. The Dublin based artists run the Irish online label Farpoint Recordings. “Ghost Signal 2”, an edit from a recent installation as part of the sound art show Two Places, merges found sounds and rhythms made by treated instruments with sustained layers of drones into an atmospheric soundscape.

19 Wounded Knee My Wooden Cupboard (Wire Tapper exclusive edit)
From a forthcoming release (Benbecula)
According to his label Benbecula, Edinburgh tenor Wounded Knee is pursuing "a postmodern Hebridean walking song ethic". Wounded Knee's recorded work is a faithful reproduction of his live show, and underlines Benbecula's aim to encourage significant deviations from popularly held notions of modern Scottish music. "My Wooden Cupboard" is an oblique tribute to the work of James Ferraro.