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A guide to Angel Marcloid's back catalogue

April 2019

Founder of the Rainbow Bridge and Swamp Circle imprints compiles a playlist featuring five of her own musical projects

Angel Marcloid has an extensive discography spanning over forty pseudonyms and group projects. Since the 1990s, the Chicago based multi-instrumentalist has explored a wide range of genres and self-released much of her work. Her influences include jazz fusion, the Weather Channel, new age, prog metal, and especially the band Rush. The artist explains what defines each project featured in this playlist below.

“Here is a handful of tracks from my iTunes library” declares Marcloid, “I just so happen to be responsible for the sounds on them too. Fire-Toolz has always been anything goes. I don't ask questions, it all just happens. Nonlocal Forecast is actually a finger from one of Fire-Toolz's weird hands, removed, isolated, and elaborately expanded upon. (Nonlocal does not mean far away. It means space is bullshit.) Angelwings Marmalade is a catch-all moniker for sound collage, noise improv, and 'rejected' stems from Fire-Toolz tracks. I used to work a lot with hands-on electronics, cassette players, loopers, stuff with contact mics on it... that ended up evolving into Angelwings Marmalde when I began incorporating software into the experiments. 229 is a moniker I use rarely, at random, for whatever. Toad Computers is a mostly sample-based, collage-oriented, lo-fi-ish thing. Subject matter includes early internet, stock music, commercials, stock sound effects, software tutorials, consumer culture, new age fads... MindSpring Memories is its mother and primary caretaker, also purely sample-based, often exploring similar themes but leaning more toward spirituality, serenity, nature, dreams, fantasy, isolation. A lot of this music can be downloaded for free or donation on Bandcamp. Some of it is for sale but all of it is streaming. The Googleplex will lead you, and I appreciate you who reads this or listens to the sound things.”

Angel Marcloid was interviewed by Emily Bick in The Wire 423. Subscribers can read the full article via the online archive.

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