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An audio introduction to Viv Corringham

February 2019

British born, US based singer and sound artist compiles a selection of her own works for The Wire

Since the late 1970s Viv Corringham has been singing a wide range of music: free improvisation, Greek rembetika, Turkish folk and spontaneously created songs that often include field recordings. Walking has long been an essential part of her work. She leads group soundwalks and listening workshops based on her studying and working with Pauline Oliveros. On solo walks she improvises with environmental sounds, and in her ongoing series Shadow-walks she responds to the memory of walks that individuals chose as special for them. This playlist serves as an introduction to her work and various side projects and collaborations realised over the years.

Viv Corringham
From On The Hour In The Woods

Monkey Puzzle Trio (with Charles Hayward & Nick Doyne-Ditmas)
“My Own Shoes”
From The Pattern Familiar

Mike Cooper & Viv Corringham
“White Powder”
From Avant Roots

Viv Corringham
“Borough Market”
From Gum + Butts
(Linear Obsessional)

Viv Corringham & Peter Cusack
From Operet

Viv Corringham
“Slack Tide”
From Walking

Viv Corringham & Lawrence Casserley
From Anemoi

Viv Corringham & George Hadjineophytou
“Sevin Gayri”
From Popular Turkish Folk Songs

Viv Corringham
“Until I Learn The Language Of Vegetable Mineral”
From Until I Learn The Language Of Vegetable Mineral
(Linear Obsessional)

Corringham’s On The Hour In The Woods is reviewed in The Wire 421. Subscribers can read the review via the digital archive.

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