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Anne-James Chaton MP3s

September 2010

Listen to a selection of work from the French sound poet Anne-James Chaton

"Dernière Minute" comes out of a project with collaborator Andy Moor (of The Ex). This track will be included on Departure, the first in a series of four 7" to be released through the Unsound label from November 2010, with subsequent recordings to be released every three months. Chaton and Moor are also planning a European tour during February 2011.

"Vendredi 26 Juin 2009 – Événement N˚24" was constructed by Chaton from newspaper headlines of international events, in this case "The King Of Pop Is Dead" from the day Michael Jackson died. The track is from the album Événements 09 which will be released in late 2010.

"Vie De Cristophe Colomb D’Après Jules Verne" comes from a forthcoming book of sound poems by Chaton, Vies D’Hommes Illustres D’Après Les Écrits D’Hommes Illustres. It contains 11 biographies of historic figures rewritten by Chaton in the styles of other well known figures: Christopher Columbus in the style of Jules Verne, Napoléon by Stendhal, Richard Wagner by Friedrich Nietzsche and so on. The book will be published by Al Dante in November 2010.

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