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Cut & Splice: Transmission

October 2010

Watch and listen to work by artists who will be taking part in the forthcoming Cut & Splice festival, 4–6 November

Cut & Splice is an annual experimental music and sound art festival, sponsored by The Wire, this year exploring the use of radio as stage and instrument. With Jaap Blonk performing Antonin Artaud’s 1947 radio art piece To Have Done With The Judgement Of God, Apartment House performing works for live radios and instruments, including Cage’s Radio Music and Stockhausen’s Kurzwellen and Poles For 2, Ma La Pert (Tony Conrad & Jennifer Walshe), Jacob Kirkegaard, Keith Rowe, Blood Stereo & The Bohman Brothers and more, plus installations, workshops and radio programmes. London Wilton’s Music Hall, 4–6 November, £25/£20 festival pass.

Click above to listen to tracks from the Resonance Radio Orchestra and Jaap Blonk. Scroll down to find out more about the events and artists involved:

Porto VI 6.44-10.44 (Excerpt)

Watch Kjell Bjørgeengen & Keith Rowe's Porto VI 6.44-10.44 (Excerpt) made during a residency at Porto's Esquilo Records in 2007. The video was produced from Bjørgeengen's audio oscillators and Rowe's audio outputs converted into a video signal.

Nicolas Collins's Hardware Hacking

Watch footage of a hardware hacking workshop led by Nicolas Collins who will be performing at Cut & Splice alongside leading a workshop in hardware hacking and circuit bending at London's Café Oto, 3 November.


Footage of Tetsuo Kogawa's radioart performance for Musikprotkoll at Dom Im Berg, Graz, Austria. Kogawa will also be hosting two "Radio Party" workshops: a hands-on masterclass opportunity for a maximum of ten participants to build their own radios and transmit their sounds, London Somerset House, 2–3 November.

To Have Done With The Judgement Of God

Listen to a recording of Antonin Artaud reading his radio play To Have Done With The Judgement Of God (In French, 41 minutes, via The play was to be broadcast on French national radio in 1948, but cancelled at the last moment due to its content. Also, read an English translation by clicking here.

Radio Art To Work By
Also, browse Knut Aufermann's Radio Art Portal links as part of his recent article in The Wire 320. Also check his Radio Art To Work By, “a selection of radio streams to listen to whilst concentrating on other things, a kind of audible wallpaper that commercial radio aspires to, but much better.”

Cut & Splice: Transmission takes place at London's Wilton’s Music Hall, 4–6 November, £25/£20 festival pass.

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