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Dark Entries: Wire 400 Mix #2

April 2017

From Josh Cheon of Dark Entries, the second in our series of Wire 400 mixes has a special 1982 theme to mark the year The Wire was founded

As part of The Wire 400 issue plans, we're hosting a series of celebratory mixes.

Following on from last week's mix by DJ Mixsoup, we have a special 1982 mix from Dark Entries label boss Josh Cheon.

“In 1982 I was only a year old,” explains Cheon, talking about the mix. “But somehow I've managed to reissue (or about to reissue) 28 different artists who recorded and/or released songs in 1982. This mix was made using only records from the Dark Entries catalogue and features some exclusives and unreleased tracks. Covering countries from Iceland to Australia and back to Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, UK, and landing home in San Francisco, California.The songs crisscross and padlock not one uniform sound, but multiple visions and dreams.”


1. Deux Filles “The Draw In Room”
2. Shoc Corridor “Sargasso Sea”
3. Algebra Suicide “Recalling The Last Encounter”
4. Dark Day “Nudes In The Forest”
5. Portion Control “He Is Patriotic”
6. Tom Ellard “Babies”
7. Lunapark “Worte”
8. Joe Crow “Compulsion”
9. Silvia “Wintergarten”
10. Konstruktivits “Semi Sex Act”
11. Executive Slacks “The Bus”
12. Informatics “Proximity Switch”
13. The Neon Judgement “TV Treated”
14. Wanexa “The Man From Colours”
15. Die Form “Automatic Death”
16. Severed Heads “Lamborghini”
17. Belaboris “Kuolleet Peilit”
18. The Pool “Dance It Down”
19. 3 Teens Kill 4 “Hold Up”
20. ADN Ckrystall “Cocaïna Vitamina”
21. Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons “Filmen”
22. Parade Ground “I Shut My Eyes”
23. Diseño Corbusier “Harakiri”
24. Los Microwaves “Silent Screamers”
25. Sad Lovers And Giants “The Tightrope Touch”
26. Rubella Ballet “Me (Peel Session)”
27. Q4U “Why”
28. Those Attractive Magnets “We Fade Into (Secret Silence)”
29. Patrick Cowley “Soundtracks May 1982”

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