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No Place Like Drone: Wire 400 Mix #8

June 2017

Closing our Wire 400 mix series, Irish collective No Place Like Drone share a set of ambient music

No Place Like Drone call themselves “a collective of Ireland’s most jaded DJs, promoters and producers” who, after many years of clubbing and promotion, “have come to the realisation that there is No Place Like Drone.”

NPLD member Droid, previously a key mover behind dancehall blog We Are IE, says “This set is a product of process, of method. It features a cross section of mainly contemporary ambient, drone and experimental artists, most of whom will be familiar to Wire readers. The tunes have been layered, juxtaposed, stretched and manipulated in a live performance – partially rehearsed, partially improvised. Its also the product of grimy basement studio investigations, pirate radio explorations, pristine gallery gigs and many years of honing ears and blunting needles.”

You can hear more mixes by the crew via their Mixcloud or the We Are IE blog.


Maurice Jarr “Book's Disappearance”
Mohammed “Liberig Min”
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Mermange “Falling”
Johann Johannson “Freedom From Want And Fear”
Daniel Thomas Freeman “Staring Into Black Water”
Oren Ambarchi “Inamorata”
Jurgen Muller “Unknown”
Bojan Gagic “Mobius”
Kevin Drumm Romantic Sores
Gaberial Saloman “A2”
Deathprod “Journey To The Centre Of The First”
Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fisher “In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes” Biosphere “Startoucher”
Alva Noto “Haliod Xerrox Copy 3 (Paris)”
Olan Mill “Amber Balanced”
Julianna Barwick “Look Into Your Own Mind”
Paul Jebanasam “Music For The Church Of St John The Baptist”
AFX “(CD Only Track #1)”
From The Mouth Of The Sun “A Season In Waters”
Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland “Unknown”
William Basinski “92982.2”
Roly Porter “Sequence”
Marsen Jules “Once In A Moment”
Kevin Drumm “Snow”
Bvdub “Make The Pain Go Away”
Roy Carey “Fire In The Night (excerpts)”
Klaus Schulze “Satz: Gewitter (Energy Rise-Energy Collapse)”
William Baskinski “Dip 6”
Tim Hecker “Sketch 9”
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Lisbon”
Clouwbeck “Come The Ageir”
Windy & Carl “Fainting In The Presence Of The Lord”
Alva Noto “Xerrox Moonphaser 1”
Widesky “Celsius”
Wicklow Mountains “Roland Etzin”
Offthesky “Surface Of Your Sin”
Seefeel “Meol”
Willamette “Open Wounds (For JN)”
Windy & Carl “The Smell Of Old Books”
Damien Valles “Movement 4”
Thom Brennan “Vibrant Water”
Quinn Walker “The Weight Of Care”


Perfect for falling up right too.


On repeat.

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