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Eva-Maria Houben shares a brand new recording with The Wire

March 2018

Capriccio is a 43 minute piece for voice and piano by the German composer

Krefeld based composer and contemporary music writer Eva-Maria Houben has been performing works for the organ for more than 30 years. As well as being a music theory lecturer at Dortmund University, she is a member of the international group for musicians and performers, Wandelweiser, through which she releases her own material.

This brand new composition was recorded on 3 March 2018. “I am singing with my grand piano” explains Houben. “This piece came about like the series Méditations Sur Le Piano and it will open a new series. I like to improvise at the piano and at the organ, and so I did before composing this. Perhaps it is inspired by listening before, I do not know.”

Houben will premiere a number of her works at Counterflows festival in Glasgow, in April 2018. Wire subscribers can read a full interview with Eva-Maria Houben in issue 410 via the online archive.

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