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Exclusive Entr'acte tracks

September 2010

Marley Starskey Butler
EVOL: Hands In The Air, Reach For The Laser, study for a computer-generated piece for 12-channel diffusion system. Diapason Gallery, New York, March 2010
Lee Gamble, live at The Alibi, London, May 2010

Listen to tracks from Marley Starskey Butler, EVOL, Lee Gamble and Haptic, courtesy of the Entr'acte label, covered in The Wire 320 by Derek Walmsley

Marley Starskey Butler
"Arnold Southfield"

From Opposites
Forthcoming on Entr’acte in 2010

"Purple Anthem, scrambled"

Study for Hands In The Air, Reach For The Laser, a 12-channel sound installation at Diapason Gallery, New York, March 2010

Lee Gamble
Live four-channel solo computer deconstruction, recorded at Ausreihe Electronic Music Concert 004, Theaterkapelle, Berlin, 27th June 2010


Performed by Steven Hess, Joseph Clayton Mills, Adam Sonderberg. Recorded by Haptic and Todd A. Carter. Treatment, assembly, and mix by Mills/Sonderberg, September, 2010. This is Haptic recording number 9 © 2010 Hess/Mills/Sonderberg

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