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Exclusive: listen to Object Collection's new album

January 2017

cheap&easy October is the group's anti-totalitarian noise opera

Object Collection, the New York collective known for their political activism (including producing an anti-Trump album with a cast of underground all-star musicians, including Matana Roberts and Phil Niblock, to benefit the ACLU), warped humour and operatic performances based on Fugazi outtakes and detourned Steven Seagal action films, have recorded cheap&easy October. This 2015 noise opera is based on interviews with Turkish journalist and activist Fulya Peker and socialist texts, and describes a dystopian, totalitarian society. It can be heard exclusively here.

Subscribers can read Kurt Gottschalk's interview with Object Collection's Kara Feely and Travis Just in Wire 387.

cheap&easy October is released on the Infrequent Seams label on 10 February.

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