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Exclusive mix from London based pitch-shifter Klein

September 2016

The South London producer offers up an exclusive haunting mix of gospel and R&B for The Wire

“It’s all just the stuff in my head,” declares Klein, talking to Daisy Hyde in The Wire 391. “I didn’t even know I made electronic music until my cousin was like, ‘You know this is kind of weird’. ‘What are you serious?’ I said, ‘I can make a pop song. I’ll make a pop song for you!’”

The South London producer pulls influences from across the board, naming Gospel, R&B and early noughties rap among the sounds that have woven their way into her production work. Her new recordings include Lagata, which she put out by herself via Bandcamp, and Only, released on a heartshaped USB stick by Bristol label Howling Owl.

She has also collaborated with film maker and radio presenter Akinola Davies Jr on a music video for her track “Marks Of Worship”; and more recently, she worked with Josh Homer on a follow-up video, which you can check out here. A tracklist for Klein's mix follows below.


Kim Burrell “Be Grateful”
Klein “Ray, C'mon”
Deanna Dixon “Fall”
Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds & Al Green Soul Food: The Series “Theme Song”
Destiny’s Child featuring Solange “Proud Family”
Klein “Something Nasty”
Omarr Rambert, Marc Kinchen, Paulette Maxwell, Kevin Scott All Of Us “Theme Song”
Tank “Slowly (Live)”
Tank “Compliments”
Klein “Self Love”
Brandy Moesha “Theme Song”

Klein was the subject of a Bite feature written by Daisy Hyde in The Wire 391. Subscribers can read it via Exact Editions.

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