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Exclusive preview of Deena Abdelwahed's debut LP

November 2018

Stream the Tunisian DJ and producer's latest record, released by French imprint InFiné

Deena Abdelwahed has called her new album of Arabic infused electronic productions Khonnar. “It’s a Tunisian dialect so it’s not really Arabic,” she explains. “Khonnar is like a secret, like a taboo that everyone knows... and when it’s out in the public it is dangerous.”

Raised in Qatar, Abdelwahed moved to her mother country Tunisia to study at university. There she became involved in the underground electronic music scene, running a party called Nüba that was inspired by electronic music styles from across the globe. Since moving to Toulouse, France, the producer further developed her artistic mission. “I belong to activists,” Abdelwahed told Holly Dicker in The Wire 418, “humanists, those who want to help people by any means, in art, politics, activism, civil society. I prefer that than belonging to a certain culture, a certain nationality.”

Khonnar is released by InFiné on 16 November. Subscribers can access The Wire’s Deena Abdelwahed feature via the online archive.

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