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Fag Tapes MP3s

Hear music found on the Michigan-based Fag Tapes label

Check a number of tracks by Sick Llama and others on the Fag Tapes label:

FT017 Sick Llama "Barf Thoth" Cs. Untitled Track. (The First Barf Thoth Recording)

FT141 Steve Llama "Unchained" Cs. Untitled Track

FT172 Fail Sick "Scared From The Crypt" Remixxx Cs. Untitled Track

FT168 Cygnus "Criminal Wasteland Discussion" Cs. Untitled Track

FT134 Sick Llama "Old Possession" Cs. Untitled Track

FT200 Sick Llama "Life Doesn't Suck, It Sucks The Life Outa You" Cs. Untitled Track From The Fag Tapes 12 x Cassette Box Set

FT183 Slither "Trail Of These" Cs. Untitled Track

FT132 Slither "Rude Stew" CD-R Track. Untitled Track

FT004 Funky Pandemoniums "Toxic Velveeta" Cs.
1. "Nuclear Zoo"
2. "Shut Up"
3. "Well Then Fuck You"
4. "Nuclear Zoo"

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