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Flora Yin-Wong: Wire 400 Mix #3

May 2017

From Flora Yin-Wong aka ||FLORA, the third in our series of Wire 400 mixes moves through “quite specific electronic sounds in contemporary club music” says the Pan affiliate

Flora Yin-Wong (aka ||FLORA) is a London-born producer, writer and DJ. Her debut EP City God, released on New York’s PTP, was inspired by Daoist traditions and uses distorted field recordings taken from temples whilst drawing on a wealth of traditional Cantonese sounds (from opera to yangqin recordings) through to Japanese kotos and more. ||FLORA was represented on Pan's Mono No Aware compilation with the ambient track “Lugere” and has produced remixes for Eaves, Scintii and Celyn June. Talking about the mix, she explains:

“Rooted by the opening track ‛天’, this mix moves through quite specific electronic sounds in contemporary club music I've been interested in, from a cross-section of artists like Petit Singe – who I'm booking for a night at Cafe OTO this summer – to close ones like Michael Speers’s edit of my PTP-released track, and Ausschuss in Berlin, alongside more atmospheric ambient or techno-centric tracks.”

Track list:

||FLORA “天”
Flora Yin-Wong “Dispel (Michael Speers Edit)”
Petit Singe “Kind A”
Ramirexx “Mescane”
Ausschuss “Untitled”
Nick León & E-Ternity “Fast Moneyyyy”
Rtkal & Shokryme “B.B.S (Equiknoxx Music)”
HARAVOT “Akrabim”
Jonas Sampaoli “Global 2”
Haraam “A Snake In The Grave”
Tzusing “Nature is Not Created In The Image Of Man's Compassion”
Silkbless “TAPU”
Flora Yin-Wong “Lugere”
KM.T “Labo Chino”
Eaves “Vascular (x/o Remix)”

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