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Global Ear: Dangriga tracks

October 2013

Listen to a selection of old and new punta and punta-pop tracks from Dangriga, Belize. Compiled by Louise Morris, writer of a Global Ear article in The Wire 357, on the music and circle dance of the Garifuna people.

Morris writes: "Punta is the music and circle dance associated with the Garifuna people, who settled this area of Belize more than two centuries ago. In its traditional form it is performed at all manner of communal celebrations and festivals, from weddings to wakes. By day, a very different, synthesized version of punta pulsates along the high streets, booming out of the giant speakers framing shop doorways. This music, with its digitised drum beats, Casio keyboard stabs, cheesy melodies and often sexually explicit lyrics, has recently been dubbed punta-pop, differentiating it from the punta-rock of the 1980s and 90s."