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Exclusive mix from gqom producer DJ Lag

January 2017

Listen to an exclusive mix from South African DJ Lwazi Asanda Gwala

“Gqom music makes you think of fun, nothing else but fun,” explains Durban-based producer DJ Lag to Clare Sawers in The Wire 395.

Currently residing in the rural township of Durban called Clermont, Lag’s productions are mostly built at home using Fruity Loops. As Sawers explains in her feature, the dance genre (whose name translates from Zulu as hit or drum) “first got played a lot on mobile phones in Durban as the microscene grew, and taxi drivers cashed in, blasting gqom DJs out their car windows to pick up people on their way to and from parties”. Specialist label Gqom Oh! released Gqom Oh! The Sound Of Durban Vol 1 at the beginning of 2016 (reviewed in The Wire 383).


C-sharp “Black Ninja”
DJ Target “Honest”
DJ Lag “Sønic”
DJ Ligwa “Sugar Creation”
DJ Lag “Othanda”
DJ Lag “Ghost On The Loose”
DJ Lag “Fiction”
DJ Lag “Ice Drop”
DJ Lag “Big Toms”
DJ Lag “Drumming”
DJ Lag “Unlike”
DJ Lag “Red Ghost”

DJ Lag's self-titled EP is released by Goon Club Allstars. Subscribers can read Clare Sawers's article in via Exact Editions.

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