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Hear Anna Homler in collaboration

April 2019

The US performance artist also known as Breadwoman releases a new album of duets

Los Angeles based performance and vocal artist Anna Homler is no stranger to collaboration. Since her 1985 recording debut Breadwoman, she has made music with Geert Waegeman, Sylvia Hallett, Steve Beresford and Michael Pierre Vlatkovich, among others. Each of the four tracks on her new LP Deliquium In C reveals Homler working with a different collaborator: Gang Of Ducks’ Alessio Capovilla, Mark Davies alias The Pylon King, Steven Warwick aka Heatsick, and the late Steve Moshier, who produced the original 1985 Breadwoman tape.

“There are a few meanings to the word deliquium” says Homler over email. “The one I'm interested in is 'to dissolve in liquid'. Deliquium In C was a title of a performance piece I did in the early 1990s at Highways, Santa Monica. Steve Moshier composed the music and used vocal samples and loops I had given him. The performance was meant to be 'an underwater sound poem'. This track was the music people heard when they first entered the gallery. Steve's music is in the key of C. My vocal sounds on this track are meant to represent sea creatures and the wind.”

Deliquium In C is released by Präsens Editionen on 12 April. Subscribers can read Emily Pothast's review in The Wire 423.

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