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Hear exclusive Lee Patterson sounds

April 2009

Enjoy three field recordings captured by the Mancunian improvisor

Lee Patterson has provided The Wire with three exclusive recordings for your listening pleasure. They are:

Pond Weed (Hornwort), Dam Head Lodge, Prestwich, July 2005.
Raw (unprocessed) recording made with home-made hydrophones of Hornwort (Ceratophylum Demersum) in an old mill lodge about a mile from Patterson's home. These bizarre sounds are produced as the plants release thousands of tiny oxygen bubbles.

Two Peanuts Burn.
Peanuts on specially prepared contact microphones, heated and burned. One left, one right. Unprocessed, save for some shaping of the volume envelope. This piece was made for, but wasn't included on, his forthcoming solo disc, Seven Vignettes.

Causeymire Turbine.
A rough sketch made from recordings of a wind turbine on the Causeymire Wind Farm, Caithness, Scotland. Recordings gathered during June 2007 whilst Lee was working on Luke Fowlers' film, Bogman Palmjaguar.

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