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Hear Nordra's Pylon II

September 2018

The Seattle based musician and artist releases her second solo album via SIGE

Multi-instrumentalist Monika Khot aka Nordra composed her forthcoming release Pylon II in 2016 as an original score for a collaborative performance with Texan choreographer Coleman Pester. The work debuted at Seattle's 9e2 festival of technologically-driven art.

Khot – also one half of psych duo Zen Mother and a guest vocalist on the soundtrack to Panos Cosmatos’s new film Mandy – uses guitar, trumpet, voice, synthesizers and samples to create sounds inspired by architectural design and surveillance. There are also hidden samples embedded within the album; the track “Destruction Aftermath” contains “a very emotional, singer-songwriter-esque song”, says the composer. “I don't think anyone would know that upon listening. It's being manipulated and thrown around by sidechaining kicks, and noisey guitar. This section was the climax of the choreography, filled with lots of running and cathartic movement, followed by a calming resolve.”

Pylon II is released by SIGE on 21 September. The album is reviewed by Marc Masters in The Wire 416. Subscribers can access this via the online archive.

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