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February 2018

The Cretan producer explores a Minoan legend in her new EP, Pleasures Of The Bull

Greek artist Evangelia Lachianina aka Abyss X has previously released her electronic collage-like productions with labels such as Infinite Machine and Halcyon Veil. Her latest EP, Pleasures Of The Bull, is released via Swiss artist Aïsha Devi's Danse Noire imprint. The record takes its title from the well known Minoan legend of the minotaur, which originates from the largest Bronze Age archaeological site Knossos, found on Abyss X's home island of Crete.

“This EP deals with the idea of existentialism; one's realisation of getting thrown into being as well as the question of what they make of it” explains the New York based producer. “It features moments of inner conflict, self loathing and doomed fate, here citing the Minotaur's own fate for its title. Unlike the dark ending of the bull man as portrayed in the ancient myth, this EP sees hope in the human existence. One will eventually find catharsis as long as they don't betray their own intuition in their search for pleasure.”

In June 2017, Abyss X launched the not-for-profit initiative SHXME (pronounced shame). What started as a radio show on LA station KPFK, morphed into a record label with proceeds going towards helping trans and gender nonconforming people in prison. The first release, Support.FM, is a digital compilation featuring artists such as Dis Fig, Rabit and Organ Tapes, and is available to download via Bandcamp.

Pleasures Of The Bull is reviewed by Chal Ravens in The Wire issue issue 409. Subscribers can read the full article via the online archive

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