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Hear the newest work from Seymour Wright and Paul Abbott

June 2019

The duo present an album inspired by real and imagined landscapes of Hong Kong

UK duo Seymour Wright and Paul Abbott have a long standing collaborative relationship going by the name of XT. Palina’tufa is their second release, recorded during a two week studio residency in Hong Kong. For saxophonist Wright and percussionist Abbott. who most frequently release live recordings, this project was a chance to use the studio as an extra form of instrumentation, experimenting with assembly and overdubbing together for the first time.

The album is a response to Abbott and Wright's temporary surroundings in Hong Kong – the title combines the words palina (a species of butterfly spotted by the duo during recording) and tufa (a type of volcanic rock, which is the bedrock of the island of Hong Kong). The musician's playing, meanwhile, “translates chance encounters, pockets of cultural history, vernacular architecture and local wildlife into organising principles for the creation of speculative music”.

Palina’tufa is released by Empty Editions on 28 June. Read an interview with Seymour Wright in The Wire 398. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.

Abbott and Wright will perform as part of The Creaking Breeze Ensemble with Nathaniel Mackey, 7 & 8 June at London's Cafe Oto

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