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Hear three tracks from the new Gravetemple album

May 2017

The experimental drone collaborators return with Impassable Fears

Gravetemple are a heavy noise conglomerate featuring Sunn O))) guitarist Stephen O'Malley, Australian musician Oren Ambarchi and Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar, who have been working and touring together since 2006. The tracks from their new release Impassable Fears, available to pre-order from Svart, started to take shape during the band's 2013 UK tour – they were finally recorded at Orgone studios with Jamie Gomez.

About Gravetemple's mission, Attila Csihar says, “The aim is to break boundaries and to find new horizons via the challenging of our own concepts of existence via the channels of musical trance. To me it is like a contemporary way of shamanism. The shaman in our ancient Hungarian tradition is a person who can see both the material and spiritual worlds and himself or herself as the bridge or the channel between. The connection to our deepest inner self is very primal and in a way sometimes infantile. We humans have encoded instinct to survive which ends up in the ‘impassable fear’ of Death. We challenge that primal fear by expecting whatever comes in our way on our musical journey. It's about accepting whatever that each moment brings… Gravetemple is very special because here we are seeking trance while playing and recording music together. Almost like a spiritual experience.”

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