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Hear tracks from a new NoCorner compilation

October 2017

The Bristol label celebrates five years in action with a double cassette

NoCorner started as a means to release a recorded radio session featuring Jabu and Kahn from Bristol's Young Echo collective. Although the label's inception was seemingly unplanned, it has remained active now for five years, accommodating the work of local producers such as Lily, Hodge and asda with cassette and vinyl releases. To celebrate this, the label has compiled 28 tracks for a cassette titled NC5. It features past, present and future material spanning techno, dub and lo fi pop. The physical release is also paired with a 40 minute long bonus tape featuring the first ever Killing Sound material, and the A side of Kahn & Neek's Gorgon Grime, both initially released in 2012.

NC5 is available on cassette via RwdFwd on 26 October and digitally on 31 October 2017.

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