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Into The Vortex

September 2009

Hear music by artists playing at The Wire's festival at London's Vortex

This autumn The Wire takes over East London’s Vortex venue to present three nights (9–11 October) of underground music. Hear tracks by some of the artists involved (see links above) and read below for more info about the event and each of the acts.

Each night has been programmed around a particular theme: New Planes Of Ecstasy on Friday 9 October features Richard Youngs & Heather Leigh Murray, Astral Social Club and The Skaters; New States Of Song on Saturday 9 October features The One Ensemble, Band Of Holy Joy and Alasdair Roberts & Gordon Ferries; and New Realms Of The Uncanny on Friday 11 October features Broadcast soundtracking a film by Ghost Box’s Julian House, plus The Caretaker, Thomas Ankersmit and a DJ set from Mordant Music.

Additionally, due to overwhelming demand, Broadcast, The Caretaker and Thomas Ankersmit will be doing an extra performance on the final day of The Wire's Into The Vortex festival. The extra show will take place on Sunday (Doors: 2pm. Tickets: £12 from wegottickets or direct from The Vortex on 020 7254 4097).

The Wire presents Into The Vortex

Friday 9 October | 7.30pm
'New Planes Of Ecstasy'

Richard Youngs & Heather Leigh Murray
Richard Youngs Heather Leigh Murray
A new collaboration of guitars and voices featuring two of Glasgow’s free folk denizens. Richards Youngs has released a number of solo albums as well as collaborating with the likes of Simon Wickham-Smith, Matthew Bower, Neil Campbell and Jandek. Heather Leigh Murray is one half of Scorces and a former member of Charalambides; she is also co-proprietor of the UK’s underground music shop and mail order outlet Volcanic Tongue. Her most recent jaunt was playing bass on Jandek's Irish tour.

Astral Social Club
Astral Social Club
The solo project of former Vibracathedral Orchestra man Neil Campbell. As ASC, Campbell deploys his guitar and effects to create an unholy blend of trance and noise.

The Skaters
The Skaters
The ex-pat California duo of James Ferraro and Spencer Clark morph psychedelic whorls into altered states of sound through misuse of lo-tech equipment, voices and percussion.

Saturday 10 October | 7.30pm
‘New States Of Song'

The One Ensemble
Daniel Padden
Led by Volcano The Bear’s Daniel Padden, Glasgow’s The One Ensemble create chamber-folk oddities, tinged with worldly exoticism.

Band Of Holy Joy
Band Of Holy Joy
Led by singer, writer and broadcaster Johny Brown, this London-based group of merry pranksters present an unpredictable take on popular song, if not exactly pop, shaped as much by Brecht, Brel and Nina Simone as the punk and Industrial electronics they grew up with.

Alasdair Roberts
Alasdair Roberts
The Scottish folk balladeer and Drag City recording artist retools British folk traditions to make music at once familiar and strange. Here he’s paired with Baroque guitarist Gordon Ferries.

Sunday 11 October | 2pm
'New Realms Of The Uncanny' - extra show


Sunday 11 October | 7.30pm
'New Realms Of The Uncanny'

Broadcast & Julian House
A collaboration comprising Broadcast members Trish Keenan and James Cargill improvising to a film by Julian House, designer extraordinaire and co-founder of Ghost Box Records.

The Caretaker
The Caretaker
Formerly of V/Vm, Berlin-based James Kirby processes samples and loops into spectral reimaginings of long gone soundworlds.

Thomas Ankersmit
Thomas Ankersmit
The Berlin-based Dutch saxophonist, electronicist and installation artist has collaborated with Phil Niblock, Jim O'Rourke, Gert-Jan Prins and more.

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