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Kubin curiosity

May 2010

Download this recording of an unusual live sound art project featuring Felix Kubin

Download the audio from "Parasiten PartyTour"*, a project by Vienna artist Oliver Hangl which involved Felix Kubin.

Hangl "bought hundreds of wireless headphones in order to create a silent disco rave," explains Kubin. "I was the MC ('Pied Piper') moving behind a car that had my instruments inside, so I could play them while walking (and breathe the exhaust gases - the Viennese had not thought about that when they conceived this idea).

"The audience walking behind me was listening to my words - a lot of them improvised - and music/sound collages. However instead of giving the disko dandy I took the subject of parasites very seriously and made songs about their horrible activities, quoting biological facts and making them into poems."

Kubin employed his radio play techniques, including holding the microphone into the exhaust pipe of a car while putting reverb on the sound. "The listeners saw the car listening to a distorted, alienated reality. The real time effect was quite simple and stunning."

At the end of the recording there was a technical problem. "Oliver Hangl tried to solve it while I commented on it musically. He was looking for a little lamp. I used the sampled voice of Barry Burns (from the sound art duo Vernon & Burns of whom I just released a new album on Gagarin Records) for quasi-dialogues with myself."

More info in German here:

*play on Partitur (=score) and Party Tour

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