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Listen: Charles Hayward's Wire cover shoot

May 2019

Hear audio recordings taken from The Wire photo shoot at the percussionist's South London studio

This Heat drummer/vocalist Charles Hayward recently spoke with Wire contributor Daniel Spicer for our June 2019 issue cover feature. The accompanying photo shoot with Polly Brown took place at Hayward's own music studio housed in Lewisham Arthouse, where the session was approached much like one of Hayward's live solo performances. Several vocal, percussion and installation exercises took place in front of the camera, whilst the audio was also recorded. Hayward explains each audio snippet below:

“Chairs + Boxes”
For the Wire session at Lewisham Arthouse with photographer Polly Brown we used what was in the space, which was chairs and cardboard boxes, so I started making a sculpture from those elements. My first ever drum kit was made from boxes and chairs; when Polly suggested recording the shoot it felt completely normal to play the chaotic staging as percussion.

This is a thing I use for sound checks. Some nights it gets to 18 or 22, other times it’s 64 or even 81.

This is not me getting down with the kids and beatboxing, thank goodness, this is 'drumspeak', which was a thing between drummers to pass on ideas without a kit around. It seems to have lapsed as a thing but for me it’s a great way to understand, internalise and own the rhythms. People give me a wide berth when I’m doing this coming back from my studio at night.

This is simply singing a note into a glass of water. I’m going to make some recordings of this for loops and samples.

Read the full interview with Charles Hayward in The Wire 424. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.

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