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Listen to a Slowfoot label sampler

November 2012

Stream a compilation of music by artists on the Slowfoot label, selected by label boss Frank Byng. Slowfoot is featured in an article by Nick Southgate in The Wire 346.

Hello Skinny
from Hello Skinny
Taken from the new album by Hello Skinny, brainchild of drummer extraordinaire Tom Skinner. Taking its cue from a song by The Residents, the project is Skinner's first as bandleader, composer and producer and sees him exploring areas around and between psych-dub, electronics, downtown/freak jazz and folk stylings.

"Cascade" [Snorkel remix]
from Gravity Remixes EP
Electronic producer Crewdson remixed by labelmates Snorkel.

Sebastian Rochford & Pamelia Kursten
"Hop [edit]"
from Ouch Evil Slow Hop
A collaboration between drummer Sebastian Rochford and Pamelia Kurstin, the woman described by Bob Moog as “one of the most important innovators of the Theremin living today”.

Monkey Puzzle Trio
"Knight, Rook, Bishop"
from White World
A slowly evolving music project featuring This Heat drummer/lynchpin Charles Hayward, Pinski Zoo and Crackle bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas and the words, voice and textures of avant-vocalist Viv Corringham.

"Heavy Water"
from Heavy Water
An off-kilter collaboration between bass player Nick Doyne-Ditmas (Pinski Zoo, Monkey Puzzle Trio) and drummer Frank Byng (of Snorkel, Prescott).

Click here to listen to Leaving Jet Trails... a Slowfoot Records label sampler.

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